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Hello again! Thank everyone that has posted on my work! It is much appreciated.
If you're curious... Here is a bit about myself.
I am a Freshman in college and I am an applied media arts major with a concentration in graphic design.
I am in foundations courses (like drawing and such) and hopefully improving as an artist! Especially with the design element that goes with the drawing and painting skills.

Sooooo I have a few things up from my drawing one classes.
Take a look and comments and constructive criticism is welcome.


HI. I'm new.

2011-08-04 18:59:57 by LachrymoseLindsey

Hoping to get some feedback on my art. This seems much better than Deviantart or the like where the decent art is drown in shit and anime porn. You actually have to be good to have recognition here. My hats off to the wonderful artists in the portal. I hope I can join you.