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HI. I'm new.

2011-08-04 18:59:57 by LachrymoseLindsey

Hoping to get some feedback on my art. This seems much better than Deviantart or the like where the decent art is drown in shit and anime porn. You actually have to be good to have recognition here. My hats off to the wonderful artists in the portal. I hope I can join you.



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2011-08-04 20:01:54

Your art seems pretty good. Just keep submitting stuff and hopefully you'll get scouted. :)


2011-08-04 20:30:11

Indeed, the newgrounds art community is great. Many of them also have dA accounts though.

It's nice to read, that you like it here, but don't be mistaken, there is a lot of mature content in the art portal, too.

If you want some more feedback you should consider checking the art forum.

(Updated ) LachrymoseLindsey responds:

Yeah I didn't realize that there was the same amount of mature stuff until just a little bit ago.

Also, thank you.


2011-08-11 22:09:52


Best advice i can give?

Post in the forums, and never give up!

Hope you enjoy your time here! It really IS a TON better than Deviantart.....